First week of being a dad

Touch of the oxytocin

December 10, 2023

I will never forget the rush of adrenaline after I saw the face of my wife when she informed me that her amniotic fluid had broken. That night, an obstetrician who was also the head of the clinic and who was supposed to deliver our daughter was at a party with colleagues (he came to do the delivery later the next day). We rushed to the hospital and waited half a day until the time came when my wife got stronger, regular contractions. I was present when my wife was giving birth, and a few hours later, I had to return home, which started a 5 days wait until she and our baby girl would be allowed to return home.

Before this, my days were intensive since I’m leading a deep tech startup, and we’re currently in the middle of fundraising for our seed funding round. Those 5 days of waiting and going to the hospital to see them suddenly changed my perception of each day. Every day started to feel long, and I was slowly preparing for a little slowdown in my work routine, and I worked on easing my schedule, briefing my team on various stuff to make sure things would be going smoothly.

But after we came home together from the hospital, I felt an immense slowing down in subsequent days. We tried to get in sync with our new baby, new sleep habits, feeding schedule, and making sure both of us, parents, would care for each other and the household properly. The intense happiness, followed by brief periods of tiredness, filled my inner self. We got lucky because our baby girl turned out to be a good sleeper.

It’s very early to conclude anything, but I feel like my wife and I will be a great duo in raising our daughter, and I hope this will be a really fun ride. I so much look forward to it!